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Charlie's affinity for photography ignited in parallels with his passion for the sciences. Originally pursuing a degree in meteorology, Charlie discovered that photography was a tool he could utilize, fulfilling his creativity while chasing his curiosity. With a goal of stopping time in his shots, Charlie finds something powerful in the simplicity of clicking a camera and challenging the limits.

Landscape photography is Charlie's true passion, chasing everything from storms to sunrises. Standing humbled before nature's raw power and in awe of the world's subtleties, Charlie's goal is to preserve heart-skipping moments of natural light, focusing on an emphasis of time. Charlie attempts to share his imagery as a method of inspiring others to appreciate life's beauty through a different optic and the fragility of each second.

In addition to his personal travels, Charlie educates other photographers about post-processing, the art of landscapes and storm imagery, and inspiring a new generation of visual storytellers to explore and appreciate the world's beauty through the lens. His latest endeavors heading into 2024 includes launching personalized workshops around the country, along with pursuing vanlife.


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