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Whew, okay... This is definitely out of my comfort zone. I'm currently searching through my gear bag in a slight panic, trying to figure out when I added Blog to my list of equipment. I'm not sure. This feels weird. Well, it is weird for me. I speak through my photos, rarely through words, but why not give it a shot though? See what I did there? Sorry, dad joke.

I think the easiest way for me to try and navigate the life of blogging early on is to lay out a road map of how I'm envisioning this. With that said, I'm going to analogize this to my camera. Maybe that will offer some clarity to me, considering I just decided to start doing this at 1am on a Tuesday night. Anyway, enough dilly dally, let's figure this out.

There are a few different items I use non-stop with photography. Of course, a camera, a few different lenses, a tripod, countless SD cards, and my trusty filter set. I can't live without my circular polarizer. At the core though, it's the camera body. The camera body is the foundation of this blog. Different features and specs that make this blog unique, similarly to each camera. I'm going to piggyback off some other blogs that I read, yet at the same time, keep it unique and make it my own. What am I going to call it? I'm not sure, I'll probably think of something after I write this. Anyway, yeah, the camera is the blog itself.

The lens. This is the tool that allows me to see what I'm shooting in a certain way. The lens is the vision I have for each post. I'll talk about travel, storm chasing, memorable experiences, struggles with photography, words of encouragement, and other random topics that are lingering in my cluttered brain. At the very core, each post is going to have the same common trend: my love for photography.

What else, hmm... okay! The tripod. This is what keeps my shots stable and sharp. I never leave the house without it. For the blog, this is consistency. I want to go through with this. I don't want to do a few weeks and call it quits- I want to be consistent, proactive, and engaging with this new endeavor. I want to challenge myself.

Now no camera setup is complete without a mess of SD cards floating around in the bag. This is the storage, the tool that allows me to maintain my shots and hold the memories to reminisce on for years to come, and hopefully one day, tell my wife and kids about. I need to do the same for this. Be consistent, and be authentic. I want to be able to look back and see not only progress throughout my career, but see that I have been real. I'm not going to cut corners or put on an act. You are going to see the clumsy, loud, often tardy, Iowa-loving idiot I am. (I'm not actually that dumb).

Last but not least, I loooove my Filters. There's nothing better than arriving at a serene landscape, rotating that polarizer, and getting the colors just right. I'll need to remind myself of that as I write these posts. Think about what I'm saying. Does it make sense? Am I aimlessly rambling without purpose? Did I slow down and actually consider this week's post? If not, I'm not doing it right. Well, I don't think I am. I'm not sure, like I said this is all new to me so I'm expecting some bumps along the way. Nothing like a little trial and error to get into the swing of things. Like storm chasing!

Anyway, I think that's kind of what I have in mind for this. I'm still not exactly certain what the name will be. I'm sure I'll think of something that I like for 3 days and then hate. That's typically how it goes with me. Oh well, I actually wrote this though. And now I'm rambling, so I need to stop. If you made it this far, thanks for reading! I hope to see you here whenever I write again. Busy, but fun times ahead =)


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